This is an Activity Relay for fediverse instances.

For now a test instance of ActivityRelay. Not for general use. It can go down at any time and its list of registered instances can be wiped at any time.

By following this relay, it will automatically follow your instance back. By registering to this relay you confirm that you consent to the fact that the messages received from your instance will be forwarded to the other registered instances. You also confirm that you have made your users aware of that and that your users have consented to that.

It is not allowed to use this relay to spread hate speech, spam or harassment. It is also not allowed to use this relay to receive and process messages in a way that is illegal or against the wishes of the authors of the messages. Note that this includes archiving messages without users consent, according to GDPR rules.

I don't want to relay other relays.

This relay is not available for instances that have no terms and conditions, moderation policy or code of conduct. It is also not available for instances whose descriptions contain right-wing dog whistles. These will be unfollowed. This relay is available to transmit politically correct and SJW messages.

I will add instances to the block list at my discretion.

For Mastodon instances, you may subscribe to this relay with the address:

For Pleroma and other instances, you may subscribe to this relay with the address:

To host your own relay, you may download the code at this address:

List of 39 registered instances: